Safety Overview


Safety_image_oneThe ETEBA Safety Committee works in the following areas:

  • promotes safe working environments and operations by all ETEBA members and at the sites where ETEBA members work
  • participates in and supports the activities of the Oak Ridge Business Safety Partnership (ORBSP) to promote safety
  • conducts safety awareness training programs and forums

The ETEBA Safety Committee is chaired by Jenny Freeman of StrataG. For more information,

The Oak Ridge Business Safety Partnership (ORBSP) is a collection of government agencies, contracting companies, and labor unions working together to provide the safest environment possible to employees. The ORBSP helps companies working on the DOE Oak Ridge reservation to understand the DOE safety culture and shares lessons learned on important safety topics and challenges. The main mission of the partnership is to raise safety awareness in East Tennessee’s business community to achieve the ultimate goal of an accident free workplace. Click here to download the ORBSP Brochure

Safety_image_2The ORBSP holds quarterly forums to discuss issues of interest to members, and features presentations by guest speakers who are experts on various health and safety topics. These presentations are then posted on the ETEBA Website for further reference.

Introduced this year in conjunction with the ETEBA Education Committee, the Education Committee is hosting a Safety Poster Contest for elementary and middle school age children. Click here to see this year’s winning posters.

Safety_first_sign_to_be_used_in_introduction_to_blog_on_Safety_PageSafety doesn’t just happen quarterly – join our real-time blog, Safety First! We’ll be addressing a question of the week and listening to your views.

Need a safety presentation or information to share with staff? Safety Shares is a compilation of safety articles available for the general public.

ORBSP Presentations are available for download