2019 Member Meetings

7.26.19 Renee Echols, Firewater, LLC President and DOE EM-1 Technical Adviser for more information about her presentation “Addressing the Mercury Challenge at Y-12”

PHOTOS (Teresa Robbins, Deputy Manager NNSA Production Office Presentation)

6.27.19 Teresa Robbins, Deputy Manager for the National Nuclear Security Administration Production Office (NPO) “Our Nation’s Security and the Role of NNSA”

5.23.19 Joshua Mullen, Baker Donelson, “Significant Recent FAR Updates and a Forecast of Small Business Regulatory Changes”

3.28.19 Laura Wilkerson, Deputy Director, DOE OREM “Following Through:
Oak Ridge’s Cleanup Program Continues Forward”

3.25.19 Julie A. Baer, Procurement/Contract Specialist “Acquisition Management FY’19 Small Business Program” for the presentation or additional information regarding this meeting contact the speaker via email

2.28.19 Michael J. Gresalfi, Ph.D. FEMA’s Stakeholder Engagement Strategy: Private Industries are Welcomed Participants in both Preparedness Activities and Exercises

12.13.18 Greg Gonzales, Small Business Program Manager, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) “NNSA Opportunities, Initiatives, and FY19 Subcontracting Goals at LANL”

11.1.18 Kent Fortenberry, Manager, Technical and Nuclear Services (UCOR) “Technology Needs”

11.1.18 Elizabeth Phillips, Program Manager (Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management) “Technology Development Opportunities”

11.1.18 Tim Griffin, Executive Director (ETEBA) “Perspectives on the Scientific and Technological Needs in DOE’s Environmental Management Program, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Oak Ridge Public Meeting August 9, 2018”

5.31.18 Lisa Copeland, CNS Y12, “Y-12 Partners in Excellence Outreach Forum and Construction for Upcoming Years”

2.22.18 Josh Mullen, Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC. “Ethics and Compliance Issues for Government Contractors” 

1.25.18 Levitte Cox, Vice President and General Manager, Federal Operations at Jacobs

1.25.18 Dave Carlson, Director NNSA Programs, HII Nuclear and Environmental Group at Huntington Ingalls Industries (Posted 3.13.18)

1.25.18 David Campbell, Senior Vice President at Veolia Nuclear Solutions

1.25.18 Pat Hopper, Vice President/ Project Director at Atkins

1.25.18 Jennifer Stone, Office Manager at Amec Foster Wheeler/Wood

2017 Member Meetings

 7.27.17, Scott Partelow, Managing Consultant for Enterprise Solutions, Sword and Shield, Understanding Sensitive Data and the Cyber Security Concerns

6.23.17, Jennifer Goodrich, President, Benchmark Leadership Training, Strategies for Dealing with Dissatisfied Customers

5.25.17 Cindy Morgan, Senior Supply Chain Manager, Y-12 Spend Impact to Local Community and New Business Opportunities

3.23.17 Stephen Williams, President/CEO and Alan Baker, Director Engine-MFG, Building East Tennessee’s Regional Manufacturing Consortium

2.23.17 Ellen Smith, Oak Ridge City Council Member and Research for the Environmental Sciences Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), Oak Ridge’s Legacy of Waste Disposal

1.26.17 Randy Pickens, Manager of the Facilities and Operation’s Modernization Project Office (MPO) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), ORNL Small Business Outreach

1.23.17 Greg Gonzales, National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Small Business Program Manager  NNSA Acquisition Update FY17 and Beyond 2017

2016-2014 Member Meeting Presentations

Kenneth Tarcza, Manager Office of Science Integrated Support Center, U.S. Department of Energy – Oak Ridge DOE Budget Profile, Organization Structure, Office of Science Labs and ISC Supported Sites, Management Roles and Responsibilities.

TVA Contract Managers Presented on Doing Business with TVA 8.25.16 TN Meeting

Dr. Mike Paulus, Director of Technology Transfer for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Technology Transfer Opportunities at ORNL 7.28.16 TN Meeting

Brian Henry Y12 Federal Project Director, Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management, 7.27.16 TN Information Session, EMDF Alternatives

Sue Cange Manager, Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management, 7.27.16 EMDF TN Information Session

Travis Howerton, Senior Director – Enterprise Strategy and Architecture, Consilidated Nuclar Security (CNS); Emerging Trends in Cyber Security that Create Small Business Opportunities, ETEBA TN Meeting 6.23.16

Rick Meredith, President Anderson County Chamber of Commerce, Growth in the Automotive Industry 5.18.16 TN Meeting

Bill Myers, Management Solutions LLC, Safety Share 5.18.16 TN Meeting

Dr. Mike Paulus, Director of Technology Transfer for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Overview of the EERE SB Voucher Program 5.9.16 TN Meeting

Chris Lockhart, Contracting Officer for DOE EM-Los Alamos presented on the LANL Bridge Contract, EMLA Support Contracts, and the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract 4.21.16 NM Meeting

Sue Cange, Manager of the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management – TN Meeting 3.24.16

Tim Melberg, Manager Supply Chain Management at UCOR – TN Member Meeting 2.29.16

Doug Hintze, Manager of DOE EM – Los Alamos, NM Member Meeting 2.17.16

Sue Cange, Manager for the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management TN Member Meeting 9.25.15

Teresa Robbins, Deputy Manager NNSA Production Office National Nuclear Security Administration, Department of Energy TN Member Meeting 9.25.15

Stoller Newport News Nuclear (SN3) Assistant VP Mr. Lockhart Presentation on the “Similarities between LANL EM Scope and Rocky Flats Cleanup” NM Member Meeting 9.17.15

CNS Management Presents Overview of CNS Programs, TN Member Meeting 8.27.15

Christine Gelles, Acting Manager of the Department of Energy’s Environmental Management Los Alamos Field Office, NM Member Meeting 8.12.15

Sherry Peske, Executive Director, ETEBA Member Update, TN Member Meeting 7.23.15

Charlie Anderson, TWPC General Manager, TWPC WAI Team, TN Member Meeting 6.25.15

Bill Sawrey, Jacobs Engineering, Inc., SAME Presentation, TN Member Meeting 6.25.15

Sherry Peske, ETEBA Executive Director, Member Update,TN Member Meeting 7.24.14

Boyce H. Evans, Purchasing Agent, City of Knoxville, TN Member Meeting, 7.24.14

Sue Cange, Acting Manger, Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management, TN Member Meeting, 6.26.14

Jenny Freeman, Safety Topic – Safety Fest, TN Member Meeting, 6.26.14

J. (Tito) Bonano, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Advanced Nuclear Energy Programs, Sandia National Laboratories, NM Member Meeting 6.14

Ed Krolikowski, USACE Savannah District, TN Member Meeting 5.29.14

LeAnne Stribley, Director, Acquisition Management Services, ORNL, TN Member Meeting 4.24.14

ETEBA TN Chapter Annual Meeting, 3.27.14, A Look Ahead -2014

Mark Whitney,Manager, Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management, DOE, TN Member Meeting 2.20.14

“The Affordable Care Act 101,” Walter Perry, Small Business Administration, TN Member Meeting 1.23.14