ETEBA NM Federal Business Opportunities Forum Sponsors 2019

NM Federal Business Opportunities Forum 2019

ETEBA hosted its second annual New Mexico Federal Business Opportunities Forum in Albuquerque May 2nd. We had an exceptional group of speakers this year, each of whom provided a great degree of detail and insight regarding business opportunities within the DOE complex and evolving changes in procurement systems and contract performance metrics.

Our speakers presented a great deal of valuable information. Here are just a few notable points from some of our excellent presenters:

• Doug Hintze pointed out that EM-LA received $16M more budget than they requested this year, and he emphasized EM-LA’s goal of using those funds to accelerate cleanup.

• Chris Fresquez emphasized Triad’s SB subcontracting goal of 59.7% at Los Alamos this year. Kathye Segala (also of Triad) described a number of upcoming major infrastructure projects at Los Alamos, Triad’s increased goal for subcontracting to NM small businesses from 5% to 10%, and their efforts to bring more incentive-based subcontracting into the procurement process.

• There are construction opportunities at multiple sites including WIPP, Sandia National Laboratories (California in particular), and Mission Support and Technical Services at the Nevada National Security Site.

• Marie Myszkier of Sandia National Laboratories highlighted a need for California licensed construction companies, and she also described the small business open houses that Sandia will be hosting in the coming months at which small business representatives can meet with laboratory buyers and small business advocates. The next open house will be a technical open house in California that will feature Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories. Sandia will also be releasing large staff augmentation and IT operations contracts as small business set-asides in the coming months.

• Karthik Subramanian described AECOM’s Function Area Coordination Teams (FACTs) and their efforts to add technical expertise and breakthrough technologies across their contracts within the DOE complex. Their Technology and Innovation FACT is seeking innovative technologies in multiple areas including inspection/leak detection technologies, vapor hazard detection and mitigation, and safety analysis. Info on site-specific technology needs can be found in FACT Sheets published for each site on the OSTI website.

Forum participants and ETEBA members will have access to the Forum presentations as they are cleared for posting, and I encourage each of you to spend some time reviewing each presentation for potential opportunities. It will be time well spent.

ETEBA also hosted a successful scholarship golf tournament the day after the Forum which generated over $1000 for ETEBA’s scholarship fund. I want to thank all of the volunteers and our sponsors for making both the golf tournament and the Forum possible.

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