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Deltech manufactures standard and custom electric resistance lab scale and production furnaces and control systems for operating temperatures from 1400 deg C to 2000 deg C in air, inert atmospheres (with and without vacuum assisted evacuation), and under positive pressures. We offer a special “RS” line for glass melting applications. We also maintain stock and supply related spare parts including reline kits, heating elements, thermocouples, and ceramics including hearth plates. We sell, install, and service our products domestically and internationally.

Now celebrating completion of our 51st year, Deltech has established a reputation for taking on the custom projects that others will not, and without the customary charges for the engineering time required for custom designs.

Deltech, Inc. qualifies as a small business and as a  woman-owned business

ISO 9001:2015 certified company

NAICS Code:  333994

CAGE Code:  56291

DUNS:  06-275-8644

Congressional District #7

ETEBA member

Deltech supplies furnaces to materials science researchers and manufacturers around the world. In the U.S. our customers include universities, national labs, and industrial ceramics manufacturers. Specific customers include M.I.T., the Carnegie Institute, Pacific Northwest Labs, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, ATK, 3M Specialty Glass Division, Kyocera, and Coors Tek. Deltech is currently subcontracted to our related company Deltech Kiln and Furnace Design to build furnaces for CNS. We have developed our NQA-1 program and plan to implement it within the next few weeks.



Resistance heated furnaces

Electric furnaces

Laboratory furnaces

Custom furnaces

Glovebox furnaces

Glass melt furnaces

Nuclear waste vitrification furnaces

Controlled atmosphere furnaces

Rotary tube furnaces

Positive pressure furnaces

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1007 E. 75th Avenue Unit E Denver CO 80229