2018 WM Symposia

Mar 18 - Mar 22
All Day

Hyatt Regency Downtown Phoenix

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The WM2018 conference will feature the development and application of robotics and sensing to overcome radioactive waste management challenges. Robotics and sensing are being developed to address unique and routine needs in the nuclear sector. These technologies help increase safety, reduce worker exposure and decrease costs. This rapidly evolving work will be showcased through topical sessions and extensive displays of equipment, representing industry and government exhibitors, which will be demonstrated on the show floor.

WM2018 will deliver over 600 papers and 45 panel discussions in over 135 technical sessions which will be complemented by the industry’s largest exhibition of nearly 200 companies. The exhibition will showcase all aspects of products and services related to the nuclear waste industry and the 2018 Theme. Areas of interest include; remote/robotic handling, protective clothing, hazardous waste storage, transportation, diagnostic instrumentation, engineering design and construction, environmental laboratories, decontamination and decommission and environmental remediation. In addition, there will be a dedicated Robotics space to demonstrate the latest technology of professionals and academia.