ETEBA Student Relations Committee

“Developing Professional Resources for the Future”

The Student Relations Committee works to enhance communication between member companies and college students that are pursuing degrees that support or enhance the services member companies provide. The committee’s goal is to create opportunities for students graduating in these fields, and to help address the challenge of workforce transition in our member industries.

A message often repeated within our markets and industries is that we are facing an aging workforce, and a related concern is that it can be challenging to attract talented young recruits to join our companies and engage in this challenging work. There is certainly a great deal of truth to both these assertions, and many of our member companies are taking steps to address these issues by developing well-structured talent recruitment and internship programs

ETEBA has heard these concerns, and with 170+ members we are well positioned to contribute towards addressing them. Early this year we formed a Student Relations Committee whose primary mission is to help facilitate the interaction between college students and our member companies. This committee is led by Chuck Bernhard of Bernhard Consulting and Pat Hopper of Atkins Nuclear Secured, both of whom have enthusiastically embraced its mission. They are moving forward on several initiatives that are beginning to take shape including an intern support program; direct communication and interaction between ETEBA members and university engineering and science departments; website enhancements to facilitate communication between students and member companies; and free student membership in ETEBA. The committee’s work is ongoing, so watch for future announcements as its various initiatives take shape.

This is an exciting new development within ETEBA that will have a positive impact both on our members as well as the young people seeking careers in this market. If you have thoughts on how this committee can serve both our member companies and students contact Tim Griffin, ETEBA Executive Director for more information at

Student Event Calendar

Students and Businesses that have posted positions and/ or resumes can also post to the Student Events Calendar Here. All events will be reviewed and approved by a site administrator before being posted to the site for visitors to see.

Student Candidates

All Students who are interested in Internships, Co-ops and Entry Level Job Postings with ETEBA Member Companies in the fields of Energy, Technology and the Environment are welcome to enter resume and other pertinent information here.
In addition to entering your resume you are also welcome to browse and apply to current ETEBA Member Company Opportunities posted here.

Internship, Co-ops, and Entry Level Job Opportunities

ETEBA Member Companies can view Student Candidates and Browse ETEBA Member Resumes Here. Candidate information and resumes have been created for the purpose of internship, co-op, and job opportunities. For security purposes the Student Directory is Password Protected for ETEBA Members Only. To receive the password contact Hannah at and it will be emailed to you. If you are interested in posting a position opportunity for students please enter it into the ETEBA Opportunities directory here.