For over 20 years, ETEBA’s Business Opportunities & Technical Conference (BOTC) has been the nation’s leading forum for opportunity-based dialogue related to the U.S. Department of Energy for energy, environment and technology combined. The BOTC has a legacy of creating an information exchange and networking atmosphere that produces results as well as connecting our more than 185 member companies that include small and large businesses. The conference delivers industry-leading keynote speakers and engaging panels, workshops, and technical sessions with access to some of the industry’s top leadership.

The 2021 BOTC will continue to deliver outstanding keynote speakers, relevant panels, and informal networking opportunities.

Our program is visionary in nature. It has been designed to emphasize near-term opportunities yet allow attendees to gain information so they can be prepared and position themselves for a positive future. Our client organizations seek improved contractor performance, innovation, and leadership to deliver a higher level of creativity to solve their greatest challenges. Our industry continues to advance in a changing environment, and our success will be measured to the degree we can adapt. The BOTC seeks to address these changes and encourages all stakeholders to maximize their level of performance as we tackle industry’s toughest challenges.

The 2021 BOTC will be in-person at the Knoxville Convention Center (October 5-7, 2021) where we will implement a Safety Enforced Event Plan and adjust as needed to ensure a compliant environment.

Our current confirmed conference speakers include1:

  • Nicole Nelson-Jean, Associate Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Field Operations, DOE-EM
  • Norbert Doyle, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Acquisition and Project Management, DOE-EM
  • Teresa Robbins, Field Office Manager/NNSA Production Office, DOE NNSA
  • Greg Gonzales, Small Business Administrator, DOE NNSA
  • Jay Mullis, Oak Ridge Site Manager, DOE EM
  • Mike Budney, Savannah River Site Manager, DOE EM
  • Joel Bradburne, Deputy Manager, Portsmouth/Paducah Project Office, DOE EM
  • Greg Jones, Acting Deputy Manager, Richland Operations Office, DOE EM
  • Catherine Hampton, Deputy Program Manager, Nevada Program, DOE EM
  • Carol Barajas, VP of Nuclear Oversight, Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Carmen Bigles – President & CEO – Coquí Radio Pharmaceuticals Corp.
  • Matt Hayden – VP Deputy Lead of GovTech Solutions/Exiger and Former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Cyber, Infrastructure, Risk, and Resilience
  • Bridgitte Mase – VP Cyber & Technology Solutions, Boston Government Services
  • Lani Macrae, SB Program Manager, DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  • Rexann Dunn, SB Program Manager, DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Gary Bloom, Conventional Facilities Manager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  • Brooks Baldwin, Director of Contracts, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, UT-Battelle, LLC
  • Nicki Fatherly, National FUSRAP Program Manager, USACE Headquarters
  • Jeffrey G. Ernest, District Contracting Chief, USACE Buffalo District
  • Eileen S. Hodges, Deputy for Small Business, USACE Huntington District
  • Linda Spadaro, Chief Small/Disadvantaged Business, USACE Mobile District

Conference panels/workshops/keynote themes include2:

  • Nationwide EM Opportunity Overview
  • Major EM Site Overview and Challenges
  • The NNSA Focus into the Future
  • Opportunities with the NNSA
  • Executing Cleanup over the Next Decade at Oak Ridge
  • End State Contracting – A Focus on Execution
  • Emerging Challenges for the Next Decade
  • Capital Project Optimization – Project Excellence & Hard Truths
  • Cybersecurity & Resiliency
  • Non-DOE Federal Opportunities

Note 1: Conference speakers may change due to travel restrictions in place at time of the conference.

Note 2: Themes may adjust slightly.

Thank you to our 2021 sponsors!