Advocacy Committee

The  Advocacy Committee is comprised of volunteer ETEBA members from both the Tennessee and New Mexico Chapters. It holds monthly meetings, generally on the third Friday of each month, and is open to all member companies. For meeting specifics, please refer to the ETEBA Events Calendar.

The Government Relations Committee addresses federal, state and local government matters that relate to business opportunity and growth, including:

  • Authorizing and regulatory legislation
  • Appropriations and funding for government programs
  • Procurement policies and practices
  • Government initiatives and policy decisions affecting business opportunities

The Committee, in concert with the ETEBA Executive Director, maintains awareness of the main issues of interest to the membership. It monitors actions at the state, local and federal government level, and supports ETEBA Executive Board interactions with elected officials and decision makers.

ETEBA representatives meet with government and business leaders to discuss issues, communicate the collective position and concerns of ETEBA members and promote continued and expanded opportunities for business growth. They educate and inform decision makers on key topics as well as the contributions ETEBA businesses make to the economy, in order to help officials understand the impact their decisions could have on the business community and the region. ETEBA also collaborates with local and regional business groups to coordinate communications and create strategies that will protect and expand business opportunities for ETEBA members.

The Committee shares information on its activities and informs member companies of relevant developments. Fact sheets and position papers are developed on key issues as events warrant. Special workshops and industry days are also held to facilitate communications between ETEBA members and contracting entities.

For more information, please contact  Committee Support Staff Hannah Short at