safety_blog_imageWorkLife Transitions to Total Worker Health™

The NIOSH WorkLife Program is evolving to address a wider range of factors that influence workers' total health. NIOSH and our partners recognize that a multitude of work and non-work related factors influence employees' safety, health, ability to work, and well-being in every aspect of their lives. Employers' concerns about the effects of diminished employee health on productivity, absenteeism, and rising health care costs are growing. Therefore, employers are increasingly receptive to a growing body of evidence which provides rationale for addressing health promotion in conjunction with organizational efforts to protect workers and create safe and healthful workplaces. The WorkLife Program is changing its name to Total Worker Health™ to better convey this more comprehensive approach to workplace prevention. As part of this evolution, NIOSH will begin building an intramural program focused on protecting and promoting Total Worker Health™ through research, interventions, partnerships, and capacity building to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce.

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We would like to hear your comments on this approach. Is your company implementing new programs that include Total Worker Health and how is that working for you?


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